Corporate Office
The product helps to generate unique access code for residents of an estate, as well as restricts access to certain features to residents who are owing within an estate
Key Benefits
Prevents Unauthorized Parking

Vsured's Corporate Office solution effectively prevents unauthorized parking, ensuring that designated spaces are reserved for employees and authorized visitors. This feature enhances security and maintains order in the parking facilities.

Automated Parking Space

The solution offers automated parking space management, optimizing usage efficiently. This not only reduces congestion but also enhances the overall parking experience for employees, fostering a more organized and streamlined corporate environment.

Reduced Carbon Emissions

Vsured's Corporate Office solution promotes eco-friendly practices by reducing unnecessary vehicle circulation. With optimized parking and automated processes, it contributes to a decrease in carbon emissions, aligning with sustainability goals.


Vsured seamlessly integrates with various corporate systems, enhancing overall functionality. Integrations with access control, security, and communication systems ensure a cohesive workplace environment, optimizing efficiency and collaboration across different platforms.

Heightened Security Premises

The platform prioritizes the security of corporate premises by implementing advanced measures. With features like access control and real-time monitoring, Vsured ensures a heightened level of security, safeguarding the office environment and its occupants.


Vsured's Corporate Office solution brings automation to various processes, streamlining administrative tasks such as parking management and access control. This automation enhances operational efficiency, allowing employees to focus on core responsibilities within the corporate setting.