Frequently Asked Questions

What is Vsured?

Vsured is a comprehensive Visitor Management System (VMS) and Digital Register solution that simplifies and enhances access control for communities, estates, schools, organizations, parking lots, conferences and events. It offers a user-friendly app for secure and authorized entry, ensuring a safe and efficient environment for residents, members and visitors (guests).

How do I sign in as a resident/member/employee?

To sign in as a resident/member/employee, the admin must first create an account on Vsured. Then the admin can add residents During the account creation process, you will provide the necessary information, and upon successful registration, the system will send login credentials (email and temporary password) to the email address provided by the admin or sub-admin. These credentials will allow you to access the Vsured platform.

Can I reset my password if I forget it?

Certainly! Vsured provides a secure and convenient password reset mechanism. In the event that you forget your password, you can initiate the password reset process by clicking on the "Forgot Password" link on the login page. The system will guide you through the steps to set a new password.

What information can I manage in my profile?

As a resident/member/employee, you have complete control over your profile information. You can upload and display a profile picture to personalize your account. Moreover, you can manage essential personal details, such as your name, contact information, address, and other relevant information. Vsured provides an intuitive profile editing interface, making it easy to update your details as needed.

How can I access my unique identity code and QR code?

Your Vsured profile includes a unique identity code and a corresponding QR code, which serve as your permanent access code for the community/estate/organisation. These codes facilitate easy identification and access control. You can readily view and access these codes in your profile section.

How can I change my account password?

For enhanced security, Vsured allows you to change your account password at any time. To do so, navigate to the profile settings section, where you will find an option to update your password. By following the provided guidelines, you can set a new and secure password of your choice.

Can I generate different types of access codes for visitors?

Absolutely! Vsured equips you with the functionality to generate different types of access codes, tailored to suit various visitor scenarios:

How can I report an issue or problem?

Vsured acknowledges the importance of residents' feedback and concerns. Through the i-Report feature, you can conveniently report issues or incidents:

Is there a marketplace where I can buy products and services?

Yes, Vsured boasts a robust e-Marketplace where residents can browse and purchase products and services from registered vendors within the community. The e-Marketplace offers a user-friendly interface with the following features:

How do I schedule an event or appointment?

As a resident/member/employee, you can efficiently schedule events or appointments through the Vsured platform:

How can I get support or assistance?

We understand that providing exceptional support is paramount to a great user experience. Vsured offers a comprehensive support system:

Can sub-admins manage settings?

Indeed, sub-admins have the privilege to manage essential system-wide settings, ensuring a tailored experience for the community/estate/organisation. These settings include language preferences, time zone configurations, date formats, user roles, visitor registration settings, security settings, billing, and subscription options, among others.

Can regular residents be upgraded to admin or sub-admin roles?

Yes, authorized users with admin privileges can initiate the upgrade process and assign admin/sub-admin roles to regular residents.

Who has the authority to initiate the upgrade process for members/residents/employees?

Only authorized individuals such as super admins or existing admins can initiate the upgrade process, ensuring proper verification and eligibility.

What happens when a member/resident/employee is upgraded to an admin/sub-admin role?

Once upgraded, the member/resident/employee receives a notification about their new role and privileges, along with relevant details and instructions regarding their admin responsibilities.

Is it possible to downgrade an admin to a regular member, resident or employee?

Yes, authorized users with admin privileges can initiate the downgrade process to revert an admin to a regular member, resident or employee status.

What happens when an admin is downgraded to a member, resident or employee?

The admin's privileges are deactivated, and their account is reverted to a normal member, resident or employee account without the added features of an admin role.

Will the admin be informed about the change in their role and privileges?

Yes, the admin who is downgraded to a resident receives a notification informing them about the change, along with relevant details and instructions regarding their new account status as a resident.

Can an admin be downgraded to a member, resident or employee role?

Yes, authorized users with admin privileges can initiate the downgrade process to change an admin's role to that of a member, resident or employee within the system.

Can residents join any group/forum?

Yes, members, residents and employees have the freedom to join any group or forum within the community.

What actions can residents' dependents perform in the group/forum?

Residents' dependents can post, edit, comment, like, and delete posts in the group/forum.

Can members, residents and employees view adverts post by the admin?

Yes, members, residents and employees can view adverts placed by the admin within the community.

How can members, residents and employees get more details about an advert?

Members, residents and employees can click on the advert to access more information about it.

How are members, residents and employees notified about surveys or feedback?

Members, residents and employees receive notifications about available surveys or feedback.

How can members, residents and employees activate the panic button on their devices?

Members, residents and employees can activate the panic button on their devices in emergency situations, The residents can choose options such as medical, security, or domestic help based on the nature of their emergency.

What happens after confirming the emergency option?

A notification is sent to all community members, informing them about the situation and the member in need, Only the Admin and Sub Admin have access to the current GPS coordinates of the member, resident or employee in distress.

How are emergency services notified after activating the panic button?

The Admin and Sub Admin promptly notify the appropriate agencies or emergency services for quick assistance.

What are the other benefits you can access through Vsured?

Beyond the Value-Added Services of access to vending services (such as Cable, Airtime, Data, Internet and Utility), Vsured can be used by estates and communities to drive compliance to dues payment by Admin and Sub Admin disable the resident or member and their dependents from generating access code for their visitors even though they can use their own ID access code.

What is the pricing for Vsured?

There are various services on Vsured and they have different pricing. There is the Platform Subscription that is based on the number of principal users of any particular community or institution and there is the aspect of the Value-Added Services and Ticketing that users can use their cards to make payment (and as such the card processing fee is based on the payment gateway provider).

What are the various language options on Vsured?

The Vsured platform gives users four (4) language options which include English, French, Spanish and Arabic.