A school is a social gathering and therefore attracts huge traffic whether vehicular or human. Sound and organized bodies like Schools will need VSURED to regulate these flows seamlessly.

A problem that was once exclusive to urban regions is now present on many school campuses: verified guest and a shortage of parking places. They would be the parents, friends, family, prospective students, faculty, and residents who are either visiting the students, checking out on-campus housing options, or searching for research resources inside the institution.

Key Benefits
Verified Attendance Register

Vsured's Schools solution ensures a verified attendance register, providing schools with accurate and reliable records of student and staff attendance. This feature streamlines administrative tasks and enhances overall school management.

Access Control and Verification

The platform offers robust access control and verification mechanisms for school premises. With secure digital measures, Vsured enhances campus security, allowing only authorized individuals to enter, ensuring a safe and controlled learning environment.

School Fee Payment Assurance (as only those who have paid can have access)

Vsured provides assurance in school fee payment by integrating access control with payment status. Only those who have paid their fees gain access to specific facilities, ensuring financial compliance and facilitating efficient fee management for the school.