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How to use AI to build a product roadmap.
Wednesday, August 30, 2023
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How to use AI to build a product roadmap.
Wednesday, August 30, 2023

Work smarter not harder
Go digital

Maintain all of your data in one location for simple access while also assuring security and searchability.

Save time

Reduce administrative time by implementing streamlined check-in flows and automating routine chores.

Reduce costs

Contractors charge for every minute spent on the job site. Reduce the amount of time you spend on administrative tasks.

Easy to use and scale

Forget about cumbersome 'business' tools. Vsured is simple to use and is trusted by businesses worldwide.

Meet the Vsured Platform

Digitize and automate key facility processes to achieve critical safety, security and compliance goals at a single site, or across hundreds of sites around the world.

Car Park Register

Vsured revolutionizes car park access. Granting only authorized vehicles entry, it not only enhances security but also eradicates the hassles of unauthorized parking. The result? A seamlessly efficient parking experience that ensures every vehicle within the premises is accounted for.

Music Concerts / Shows

When it comes to concerts and shows, Vsured takes center stage in access control. It not only fortifies security by preventing unauthorized entry but also ensures that ticket scanning and guest verification occur swiftly and effortlessly. Attendees can focus on the entertainment, knowing their safety is in expert hands.

Estate Access

Within gated communities and estates, our system plays a pivotal role in access management. It bolsters security by allowing residents to effortlessly generate access codes for their visitors, ensuring only approved individuals gain entry. This not only safeguards the community but also fosters an environment where residents feel securely connected to their surroundings.

Corporate Office

Within the corporate realm, our system sets a new standard for access management. It strengthens security by facilitating efficient entry for employees and guests, while features like access codes and comprehensive monitoring ensure the protection of sensitive areas. Employees can focus on productivity, knowing their workplace is safeguarded.


At conferences, our system takes the stress out of access management. By efficiently handling attendee access, it enhances security by verifying registrations and enabling seamless check-ins. This guarantees that only registered participants can access the event, preserving its integrity and ensuring a smooth experience.


In educational institutions, our system is the guardian of safety. It reinforces security by controlling access to school premises, closely monitoring visitors, and facilitating secure entry and exit procedures for students and parents alike. With our system in place, learning environments become safer and more conducive to education.

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